About Christian Human

Hi, I’m Dillon Carr, the writer/editor behind this blog. I’m currently a reporter for a tri-county news organization, married to a beautiful wife with a powerful voice and I love a good story. A little while back, I believe God put it in my heart to tell stories of His people — no matter how ordinary it may seem. Simple as that.

So Christian Human is a manifestation of that gentle nudge from the Father.

Christian Human is a blog filled with stories about how God moves in lives. The stories are real, true and powerful. Some are long, some are short. But they’re all radical because He is.

I seek the “normal” stories of Christian transformation and turn them into what God meant for them: to be heart-changing and God-revealing. I hope you enjoy them, but more than that, I hope they are ways God speaks to you.

Lastly, an important note: Though all the stories found on this site are inspired by true events from real live people, the featured stories found in ChristianHuman.com have been dramatized to capture the abstract emotions one experiences when encountering the Father.

All scriptural references are untouched by me. They come from the Bible.

For a more in-depth look at what the Bible means when we hear the word “testimony,” click here.



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